GIST Gift and Deselection Manager Update

Happy Valentine’s Day!

If you have already installed version then you will be offered the option to download the update the next time you launch GDM. If you have a prior version, you will need to download the update. Otherwise, please use the full installer.


  • Added book list title to the notes in the Book List Tab
  • Added Reports Menu item with a Donor Report and Annual Gift Report.
  • Added ISBN(020), edition statement(250) and pagination(300) to the summary section of the Title Search Page.
  • Batch Processing now has option to add records into the database under the Deselection collections.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed error that would prevent the Batch Deselector from saving the partially completed run for the next day.
  • Fixed error with the format for importing new Book Lists
  • Fixed error that would cause an item recommendation to be “Do Not Keep” if both Newer Than Strict and Older than Strict were checked.
  • Fixed error with right click in Collections tab.  Right click now selects the new row clicked on.
  • Collections tab now refreshes properly after record has been edited.
  • Fixed error with Local Catalog url defaulting to Title only instead of checking for ISBN when z39.50 is not present
  • Cleaned up Local Catalog url so that only title will be searched.
  • Record data on main form now clears properly after Batch Processing.
  • Fixed display errors when font or background colors were changed.

Coming Soon:

  • Batch Update Process: Excel reports generated by Batch Processing can now be loaded to update Keep recommendations changed in the Excel file.

Additional Information:
For help on Configuring your catalog links, please look at OCLC’s Deep Linking Document:


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