Meet the new GIST Purchase addon

Mark Sullivan has recently finished development of the new GIST Purchase addon for ILLiad. What’s an addon? An addon is an enhancement to ILLiad that provides you with additional functionality. In this case, it allows you to view different vendor websites within the request window. Clicking on the addon’s tab in the ILLiad request will automatically run a search for the item and display the results. If you have an account with the vendor, it will even log you in automatically.

The GIST Purchase addon allows you to easily purchase and shop for requested items without leaving the ILLiad client. You can set your default vendor which will be displayed once you open the tab. To price compare, you can simply choose from a drop down list of available vendors. The addon will run a search and display the results from that vendor’s website. If you have an account, it will log you in automatically so you can easily submit your order. When you’re done, you can import the price from the vendor’s website into the ILLiad Max Cost field for your records.

Learn more at our new Using ILLiad Addons page, or read below for a complete list of features:

  • Tab displays the purchase price of your default vendor for easy buy vs. borrow comparison
  • Easily search multiple vendors without leaving the ILLiad request
  • Automatically searches by ISBN or Title, sparing you from manual searching
  • Automatically signs you into your vendor accounts
  • Import the purchase price into the ILLiad Max Cost field with the click of a button
  • Choose from popular vendors, including Amazon, GOBI, Better World Books, Barnes & Noble, Alibris, and many more
Purchase Addon Overview

Purchase Addon Overview (Note: the tab displays the Amazon price when the request was submitted. This could vary from the current price.)

Behind the scenes, you will need to configure the addon by specifying your default vendor and supplying your account credentials for any of the vendors you utilize. If your library shares addons over a network, you can configure it on one machine and share the file with other staff so they do not have to enter all of the same account information.

For more information about addons, see:


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