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GIST Acquisitions Manager Beta Available

Thursday, November 17th, 2011

Welcome to the new home of the Getting It System Toolkit!

The GIST development team at SUNY Geneseo is pleased to announce that the GIST Acquisitions Manager has been made available for beta testing! This new version of GIST transforms ILLiad into a full fledged acquisitions module, combining ILLiad’s request management features with addons for:

  • Budget management, saving you time by even selecting funds at order based upon a user’s department or status
  • Vendor management, including 20 preloaded vendors for quick ordering such as Amazon, GOBI, and TitleSource3
  • Collection building profiles, featuring the same Conspectus-driven recommendation engine as our Gift and Deselection Manager
  • Item by item invoice management right from within each ILLiad request

Thanks to the support of Atlas Systems and OCLC, these addons are powered by new standalone GIST database tables that can be installed on your local or OCLC-hosted servers. You no longer have to use ILLiad transaction fields. (Installation details will be provided during the full release of the Acquisitions Manager.)

Last, and certainly not least, the Acquisitions Manager includes new versions of the GIST ILLiad webpages that are designed to work with these new database tables. They also include a new “Find My Item” widget that gives users the ability to search by title and author keywords from within the ILLiad request form. This can greatly improve request accuracy and the number of requests you can automate through Direct Request.

Stay tuned–we’re planning a full release of the Acquisitions Manager the first week of December!

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GIST Gift and Deselection Manager Update

Friday, November 11th, 2011

If you have already installed version then you will be offered the option to download the update the next time you launch GDM.

If you have a prior version, you will need to download the GDM Updater (960). Otherwise, please use the GDM Full Installer (2213).

Bug Fixes: