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GIST Acquisitions Manager & new GIST for ILLiad Web have been released

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

The GIST Team and IDS Project are pleased to announce that the next generation of GIST tools have been released and are ready for you to customize and streamline your acquisitions, collection development, and interlibrary loan processes & workflow.

New GIST Tool

The GIST Acquisitions Manager is a new type of acquisitions system built within ILLiad using new GIST tables and GIST Addons. It provides…

  • Management of fund/budgets – with immediate fund balance checking at the point of review or purchasing
    • GIST matches the funds with the requesters automatically.
    • GIST manages a single ILL purchase on demand fund to large sets of collection development funds.
  • Custom Conspectus – GIST recommends purchase or review when a request meets your collection building profile.
    • Enable purchasing where ILL requests for materials not held in your consortia but fit your collection building profile.
    • Adjust almost 1,600 Library of Congress classification and Dewey divisions to highlight where you want to grow your collection.
  • Streamlined and flexible acquisition workflow
    • Using GIST, you customize the services and process the way you want to enhance your ILL purchase on demand or fully share buy-borrow strategies that build a strong and diverse collection.
    • Based on valued data, route requests automatically and make decisions about buy or borrow fast.
  • Select the web services you want in your workflow; Connexion, Gobi, etc. including adding some 30 addons:

Also in this release – a new discovery widget for your standalone ILLiad request form

  • Requesters only have to add an author and title, or ISBN to search Worldcat from within the blank request form to discover exactly what they want you to buy or borrow – this helps you streamline your workflows and provide accurate services.

Look for the GIST Team in Virginia Beach

On March 21, 2012, we will be conducting an all-day pre-conference workshop with Atlas Systems at the 2012 OCLC ILLiad International Conference.


  • Many thanks to the GIST Team and the IDS Project for their work on developing the Getting It System Toolkit.
  • Special thanks to Atlas Systems and OCLC for their support of the project from development to deployment.
  • Many thanks also to Rochester Regional Library Council (RRLC) and the NY3Rs for supporting GIST Development, including an RBDB grant.
  • Very special thanks to Mark Sullivan’s countless hours of programming in LUA to get all the amazing acquisitions and collection development features in ILLiad’s robust request management system.

GIST Acqusitions Manager – to be released Jan. 31, 2012

Monday, January 9th, 2012

Hello Everyone,

Sometimes things take a bit longer than expected, but like a good dry red wine, it’s worth the wait…

Thanks to beta-testing, the GIST team has a list of a few bugs to fix before releasing the Acquisitions Manager – this also gives us some extra time to better prepare our documentation for how to implement the latest GIST product – an acquisitions module inside ILLiad that includes budget/fund management, and the conspectus.

Stay tuned – the documentation will be evolving with new videos – thanks to Tim Bowersox’s talent for captivate, camtasia, and prezi.

All that said, you have time to prepare: Planning and description.

  • Getting necessary APIs from OCLC and Amazon.
  • Preparing various sets of OCLC symbols for your consortial partners,
  • Most importantly, encouraging the dialogue and workflow tours between ILL and acquisitions – this is also a great time to review data from 2011 to see how various criteria – such as purchasing when no library holdings in group 2 or 3 – might impact the year ahead.

Also in the works – watch for GIST at the OCLC International ILLiad Conference in March.

Thanks for your continued interest in GIST – watch for more on the releasing of the Acquisitions Manager in the next few weeks.

Best wishes,