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SQL user permissions required for GIST tables « Getting It System Toolkit

SQL user permissions required for GIST tables

We have recently added important information to the Acquisitions Manager Installation Guide. After installing the GIST tables to your SQL server, you need to also grant Select, Insert, Update, and Delete privileges to the ‘illiad’ SQL user on each new table. You can do this individually or by using the following query in SQL Server Management Studio:

Use ILLData




GRANT  SELECT ,  UPDATE ,  INSERT ,  DELETE  ON [dbo].[GISTFunds] TO [illiad]


GRANT  SELECT ,  UPDATE ,  INSERT ,  DELETE  ON [dbo].[GISTHistory] TO [illiad]


GRANT  SELECT ,  UPDATE ,  INSERT ,  DELETE  ON [dbo].[GISTFundLink] TO [illiad]


GRANT  SELECT ,  UPDATE ,  INSERT ,  DELETE  ON [dbo].[GISTInvoice] TO [illiad]


GRANT  SELECT ,  UPDATE ,  INSERT ,  DELETE  ON [dbo].[GISTVendor] TO [illiad]


GRANT  SELECT ,  UPDATE ,  INSERT ,  DELETE  ON [dbo].[GISTConspectus] TO [illiad]


We hope to release a new SQL script soon that will automatically assign these privileges for new Acquisitions Manager users. If you have already installed these tables, please follow the directions above.

Also note that we listed minimum system requirements for using the Acquisitions Manager and GIST for ILLiad Webpages. As explained in the ILLiad 8.1 release notes, prior versions of ILLiad will be unable to access third-party tables. This includes the GIST tables needed for the Acquisitions Manager. Please update your server and clients to the latest versions of ILLiad before implementing the Acquisitions Manager or GIST for ILLiad Webpages. This will also ensure that the ILLiad client is able to properly handle the GIST ILLiad Addons.

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