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GIST Gift & Deselection Manager Update

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012

Version of the GIST Gift & Deselection Manager has been released.


  • Added a choice for using either Better World Books or Amazon for pricing. Amazon is no longer required to run GDM.
  • Added Local Catalog call number to Batch Analysis
  • Check box to include/not include local call number in Batch Analysis
  • Added basic threading to Batch Analysis to improve speed, application handling. Will add multiple threads in a future version
  • Added Book Lists field to Batch Analysis
  • Added optional Google API Key setting and use for libraries searching more than 1000 records per day in the Batch Analysis

Bug fixes:

  • Improved export to Excel feature so that Excel can now be run while GDM is running
  • Fixed bug with weighting score in Batch Analysis

Thank you to everyone for submitting bugs and suggestions!