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Using GIST GDM to find Textbooks to place on Reserve

Wednesday, February 6th, 2013

Want to automate discovering course textbooks?

We wanted to share a useful application of the GIST batch analysis – you can find course readings in batch with local call numbers – making it easy to pull from your collection and place on course reserves.  Instead of asking and waiting for the professor to say what is on the course readings to place on reserves, simply run GDM’s batch analysis tool on a list of ISBN’s from your bookstore and select Include Local Call Lookup.


This doubled the number of textbooks and assigned reading we placed on reserves – so it can save students money, save faculty time, and eliminate the work of asking faculty for lists and recalling books checked out.

Having trouble obtaining a list of textbooks? Providing an online list of Textbook/Required Readings with ISBNs is a requirement of colleges and universities, see: HEOA

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