Gift & Deselection Manager

The GIST Gift & Deselection Manager (GDM) is designed to manage and streamline library workflow for processing gifts and evaluating materials for weeding.  It is standalone open-source software that automates the gathering of data for evaluating donations; including holdings, edition comparisons, full-text, and other data.  It also recommends “keep or do not keep” according to your collection building conspectus file, and if you keep an item, GDM can open and search the work in OCLC Connexion so you may attach holdings and download a record.  The Gift Manager also automates donor letters with lists of donated items – no more keying in title information for acknowledgments, with all the gdmodata now stored in GDM’s database for future reference.

The GDM also enables collection managers to perform item-by-item deselection or use the batch analysis tool to create custom deselection reports for large weeding projects.

Item-by-item deselection is done in the Deselection Manager interface, which looks much the same as the Gift Manager screen, although because you already own the item, the weighting is adjusted.

The batch deselection report includes the following data: Title, Author, Publication Date, OCLC Call Number (050 or 090 field), # holdings in your groups, full text availability in Hathi Trust and Google Books, Better World Books Library discard acceptance, and a final conspectus recommendation.

Getting started with the Gift and Deselection Manager Online

Please send account requests to Mark Sullivan ([email protected]) for access to the beta of GDM Online.

System requirements

Current version Firefox, IE, or Chrome

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