GIST for ILLiad

GIST for ILLiad consists of three components that enhance the ILLiad interlibrary loan request management software: addons, webpage customizations, and the acquisitions manager. All three components may be selectively utilized in ILLiad, for instance, ILLiad web pages may be applied to enhance the end-user request interface to add full-text discovery, or an ILLiad Addon can help ILL’s purchase on demand program discover the best way to purchase items difficult to borrow.  By combining all three and customizing these components for your library, you achieve significant benefits and optimize the combination of Acquisitions and ILL services.

GIST workflow

GIST facilitates cooperation between ILL & acquisitions

ILLiad Addons

Atlas Addon Tutorial Thumbnail

VIDEO: ILLiad 8 addons (by Atlas Systems)

GIST is a customizable suite of tools to leverage systems and is ideally suited to streamline any institution’s acquisitions and ILL workflow, working within ILLiad. In addition, ILLiad Addons are very flexible and allow you to designate your own tabs on a request form to perform actions, like a web search, based on information in the ILLiad request. Learn more…

ILLiad Webpages

GIST for ILLiad Web - Request Form

GIST for ILLiad Webpages -- Purchase Request Form

GIST incorporates many great capabilities of the ILLiad request management software, including its powerful web request forms. These customizable webpages allow users to place, track, and manage their interlibrary loan requests online. With GIST, users can now do the same thing for their purchase requests. Learn more…

Acquisitions Manager

Acquisitions Addon - Process Invoice

Acquisitions Manager

The Acquisitions Manager transforms ILLiad into a full featured acquisitions module, allow you to perform the entire workflow without your ILS. Learn more…

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